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Massages with natural products

Massages for relaxation and well being




Swedish Complete muscular relaxation, relax and calm the body and the mind, decrease the stress effects on the body. 1h-89€              1h30-130€
Deep Tissue Slow and deep, relax the muscles and fascias in depth, released deep tensions, boost the muscular moves. 1h-109€
Pregnant woman Massage Baby and mom are relaxing together while developing their unique connexion. From the 4th month of pregnancy. 45 min-99€


Thaïland Foot Reflexologie 45 min – 69 €
Reflexology Stimulation of reflex area of your feet, brings back the equilibrium and energy of your body 45 min – 69€
India Ayurvedic massage 1h – 89 €
Indian massage, tonic, to relax physical and emotional tensions for a light spirit and body
Hawaï LOMI LOMI 1h – 89 €
Flowing and enveloping, rhythmic by Hawaiian music, with enchanting fragrance of islands, guaranteed escape